New Abrasives In Stock – Norton® A2750P

We are now stocking NORTON® A275OP stick-on sanding discs.  We currently are offering them in 5″ discs in 80-800 grit.


What makes high-performance Norton A275OP deliver? A sharp, heat-treated, P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive coupled with an anti-loading agent, bonded to a tough, tear resistant latex/paper backing. The result? A high-quality, high-performance, long lasting sandpaper that produces a quick, cool cut without loading.

  • Strip paint, blend a finish or sand away surface defects with this A275OP medium grit paper PSA disc roll. Its premium P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive is heat-treated and toughened to deliver a fast cut rate, consistent finish and long life. The B-weight latex-saturated backing increases tear strength by 50 to 60 percent over similar products, without sacrificing the flexibility of the pad. Water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and an open coat provide heavy-duty load resistance and prevent color transfer, which is ideal for work on car panels. The pressure sensitive adhesive lets you quickly apply or switch this paper PSA roll.  Premium heat-treated grain delivers a longer life and a faster cut rate
  • FEPA P-Graded grain achieves a more consistent, uniform scratch pattern
  • Premium B-Weight latex reinforced paper backing improves performance with greater flexibility
  • Waterbased stearate No-Fil improves load resistance and extends cut life
  • Superior bond system optimizes grain adhesion and extends cut life
  • NORTON® A275OP AO Stick-On Sanding Disc Roll, 5″, PSA, 80-800 Grit, Without Holes
  • 100 Discs per roll  |  6 rolls per case


New Hardware In Stock – ONWARD® Soft-Close Side Mount Drawer Slides

We are now stocking “Soft-Close” side mount ONWARD® 1045H Series drawer slides in black and zinc. Zinc finish is available in 12″-24″ lengths. Black finish is available in 14″-20″ lengths. Please contact our sales department for pricing.

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New Hardware In Stock – ONWARD® Side Mount Drawer Slides

We are now stocking side mount ONWARD® drawer slides in black and zinc. 10″-28″ are available in an assembled option and 14″-20″ are available in an unassembled option. All slides can be mixed or matched for quantity break prices. Please contact our sales department for bulk 500 set & skid pricing or to place an order.

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New Stock Items

We have added Titebond® Original Wood Glue in 2.15 Gallon PROJUG™ to our stock.  If you would like to place an order please contact our sales department.  We are also running a special where you can get a FREE jug of Titebond® Original Wood Glue.  To view this current special >>CLICK HERE<<.


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Titebond® Original PROJUG™
















New Items Added To Website

We have opened up a new area of our website.  The TOUCH UP section of the site is open and can be accessed in the products menu or on the sidebar.  Rapid Start is stocking a full line of:


Please check this area frequently as more items will be added.

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Touch Up








New Items In Stock

We are now stocking BUTTERFLY LEAF HARDWARE sets along with all hinges and accessories.  If you have any questions please contact our sales department.  To view the new hardware >>CLICK HERE<<.

To contact our sales department you can email them directly by clicking >>HERE<< or you can use our online contact form by clicking >>HERE<<.

Butterfly Leaf Hardware Set











New Items In Stock

Rapid Start now has LIMITED STOCK on DIAMOND WOODEN KNOBS in two different species: Maple and Walnut.  These knobs come with a pre-installed 8-32 brass insert.  CLICK HERE for more information on the knobs.  If you would like to reach our sales department to place an order or receive a quote CLICK HERE.

Diamond Knobs Group