New Abrasives In Stock – Norton® A2750P

We are now stocking NORTON® A275OP stick-on sanding discs.  We currently are offering them in 5″ discs in 80-800 grit.


What makes high-performance Norton A275OP deliver? A sharp, heat-treated, P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive coupled with an anti-loading agent, bonded to a tough, tear resistant latex/paper backing. The result? A high-quality, high-performance, long lasting sandpaper that produces a quick, cool cut without loading.

  • Strip paint, blend a finish or sand away surface defects with this A275OP medium grit paper PSA disc roll. Its premium P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive is heat-treated and toughened to deliver a fast cut rate, consistent finish and long life. The B-weight latex-saturated backing increases tear strength by 50 to 60 percent over similar products, without sacrificing the flexibility of the pad. Water-based, non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and an open coat provide heavy-duty load resistance and prevent color transfer, which is ideal for work on car panels. The pressure sensitive adhesive lets you quickly apply or switch this paper PSA roll.  Premium heat-treated grain delivers a longer life and a faster cut rate
  • FEPA P-Graded grain achieves a more consistent, uniform scratch pattern
  • Premium B-Weight latex reinforced paper backing improves performance with greater flexibility
  • Waterbased stearate No-Fil improves load resistance and extends cut life
  • Superior bond system optimizes grain adhesion and extends cut life
  • NORTON® A275OP AO Stick-On Sanding Disc Roll, 5″, PSA, 80-800 Grit, Without Holes
  • 100 Discs per roll  |  6 rolls per case


New Hardware In Stock – ONWARD® Soft-Close Side Mount Drawer Slides

We are now stocking “Soft-Close” side mount ONWARD® 1045H Series drawer slides in black and zinc. Zinc finish is available in 12″-24″ lengths. Black finish is available in 14″-20″ lengths. Please contact our sales department for pricing.

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Mt. Hope Showcase 2021

Rapid Start is pleased to announce that we will be appearing at the 2021 Mt. Hope Showcase. We will be promoting our standard items as well as new product that we are now stocking.

  • Come see our NEW Deco Hardware displays at the show!
  • Orders placed at the tool expo will receive a 5% discount
  • Mention this email at our booth and receive a FREE gift
  • Thousands of items in stock and ready to ship including: Deco Hardware; Assembly screws; Framing screws; Deck screws; Stainless steel screws & bolts; Hardware screws; Glide levelers; Hinges; Drawer slides; Carriage bolts; Hanger bolts; Hex bolts; Chain; Washers; Nuts; Inserts; CA glue; Epoxy putty; Wood filler; Wood glue; Driver bits; Wooden knobs; Wooden plugs; Upholstery nails and accessories; Rivets…and so much more


The following items will be on sale at our booth at amazing prices:

  • VEGA® Premium Screw Driver Bits
  • FASTCAP® Screwdriver Tip Magnets
  • PROFERRED® Utility Knives & Blades
  • PROFERRED® 25 Foot Tape Measurer
  • PROFERRED® LED Flashlights


Mt. Hope Auction Grounds
8076 SR 241
Millersburg, OH 44654
Phone: 330-473-7046
Thu. Feb 18, 2021 10am-7pm
Fri.  Feb 19, 2021  7am-7pm
Sat.  Feb 20, 2021  7am-1pm
Rapid Start
Booth #402, 403 & 404
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