Overstock Updated



The OVERSTOCK area has been updated with a master list of items that have a special reduced price.  These are limited stock so purchase while you can.  The list will be updated frequently with new items.  You can locate this new document for download by visiting the OVERSTOCK page >>CLICK HERE<< or by downloading the file from here >>CLICK HERE<<.

The file is divided up by tabs in alphabetical order.  Simply choose the item you are interested in purchasing by clicking on the tab at the bottom and you can view what is available for purchase.  Please contact our sales department if you have any questions.  sales@rapidstartusa.com

Master List Sample

More Overstock Items Coming

We have a lot of great deals that are just about ready to be posted.  Our OVERSTOCK section will have a new document available for download on 5/20/14.  This new document will feature some amazing deals on current overstock.  Everything from Drawer Slides to Knobs and Screws will be available. These items will be available for a very LIMITED time at these LOW prices so order them while you can.  If you require samples or images please let us know. Our sales department can be reached at the following email:




Overstock >>CLICK HERE<<



New Overstock

The OVERSTOCK section has been updated and we have some great deals on both decorative and functional hardware.  You can find the OVERSTOCK section at anytime on the “Right Side” of our website in the bottom MENU or by simply clicking the link below.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Overstock >>CLICK HERE<<