Thank You

Rapid Start would like to thank all of our loyal customers who supported us in 2014! It was a wonderful year and many great things happened…thanks to you. We’ve added several new items to our line and increased sales in many of our standard stock items. As a way of saying THANKS we are offering a WEBSITE ONLY discount on our top 3 selling items of 2014. To receive this special discount place an order by e-mail and put the following code in the subject and receive a 10% DISCOUNT off that order. The discount is only good for the items listed below. If you would like pricing prior to placing an order please email our sales department by clicking >>HERE<< or you can place an order by emailing >>HERE<<.


EXPIRES: 1/7/15 @ 5:00 PM EST

Face Frame Screws

#1 Selling item
Click Here

Assembly Screws

#2 Selling item
Click Here

Glide Levelers

#3 Selling item
Click Here

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