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We now have a news feed that you can subscribe to and receive notifications of anything new happening here at Rapid Start.  We will be announcing new products in the coming months as well as offering SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNTS only available through our website.  To subscribe to our news feed please enter your e-mail address in the “SUBSCRIBE TO RAPIDSTART” bar on the right side and click SUBSCRIBE.

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New Product

Rapid Start is now stocking select options of wood glues from FRANKLIN®.  We are currently stocking the following options in 5 gallon pails:


Titebond® Original Wood Glue


Titebond® II Premium Wood Glue


Titebond® III Ultimate Wood Glue


Franklin® Assembly 161 Wood Glue


Please visit our adhesives page for more information.  >>CLICK HERE<<


You may also contact our sales department at any time with any questions.  >>CLICK HERE<<





New Salesman

Rapid Start is proud to announce that we have a new salesman in Northeastern Ohio.  If your shop has any specific items that you might require feel free to contact our sales department at anytime.