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Famowood® Latex

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Famowood® Latex in 1/4 Pint tubfamowood325tube








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  • 1/4 Pint Tub
  • 3.25 oz Tube



  • Cherry / Dark Mahogany
  • Fir Maple
  • Golden Oak
  • Natural
  • Natural / Tupelo
  • Red Oak
  • Walnut



  • Solid


Purchasing Options

  • 1/4 Pint Tub / 3.25 oz Tube
  • Full Case *See Below For Case Quantity


Additional Information

  • Famowood® Latex Wood Filler has the same outstanding qualities of Original Famowood®, but has very low odor and can be cleaned up with water! Famowood® Latex Filler spreads easily and requires very little sanding to achieve the desired finished look.
  • Dries in 15 minutes
  • Won’t crack or shrink
  • Can be sanded, drilled or planed
  • Stainable and paintable
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Solvent free – low odor and easy water cleanup
  • Follow these step-by-step directions when using Famowood® Latex Wood Filler:
    • 1.For best adhesion, cracks or defects should be clean and dry.
    • 2.Press firmly into defect by hand or putty knife.
    • 3.A thin film will dry within minutes. Lower temperatures require longer drying periods.
    • 4.When dry, sand flush with surrounding surfaces.
    • 5.Surfaces may be painted, varnished, lacquered, waxed, or shellacked, after Famowood® application.
    • 6.Famowood® can be drilled, nailed, planed, or sawed like ordinary wood.
    • 7.Clean tools, while still wet, with water or soap and water. If product has dried on tools, use chlorinated solvent or steam.
    • 8.Close container after each use.




Q. Is Famowood® Latex Wood Filler easy to use?

A. Yes. Famowood® Latex requires no mixing; spreads smoothly and evenly into small or large holes, cracks & defects in unfinished wood.

Q. How long does it take for Famowood® Latex Wood Filler to dry?

A. Famowood® Latex Filler dries in 15 minutes. Once dry, it acts just like real wood and is ready to sand, saw, stain, nail, paint or plane.

Q. What makes Famowood® Latex Wood Filler unique?

A. Famowood® Latex Filler has a high solid content of wood flour and takes stains and paints like real wood because it is made of real wood.

Q. Will Famowood® Latex Wood Filler shrink or crack?

A. No. Famowood® Latex Filler shows no signs of shrinkage, cracking or crumbling and can be used indoors or outside, making it ideal for any custom projects.

Q. Will Famowood® Latex Wood Filler match the existing color?

A. Yes. Famowood® Latex Filler is available in 10 colors to match any unfinished wood species.


Full Case Quantity – Famowood® Latex
Species Type Size Full Case Quantity
Cherry / Dark Mahogany Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Fir Maple Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Golden Oak Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Natural Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Natural Latex Based 3.25 oz 12 Tubes
Natural / Tupelo Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Red Oak Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs
Walnut Latex Based 1/4 Pint 12 Tubs