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Rubber Special Soft Bumper

Rubber Special Soft BumperRubber Special Soft Bumper





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  • *See FULL CASE QTY table below for all sizes available



  • Rubber



  • Black
  • Brown
  • Clear
  • Grey
  • White


Purchasing Options

  • Full Case *See Below For Case Quantity


Additional Information

  • Our Soft Durometer (SD) Bumpers have been specifically engineered to provide the quietest closure available for any cabinet door, drawer, or enclosure. The Soft Durometer Bumpers use a device called “Flexible Softness” which absorbs the physical force of any impact by more then half. A very soft polyurethane material and varying unique designs are employed to achieve this impressive result. The Soft Durometer Bumpers were not designed for load bearing applications.The Soft Durometer line is made exclusively out of Clear material. Colors are available upon special request.
  • Our rubber feet, or adhesive rubber feet are used on thousands of different applications. They are made in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our customers. Applications include:Cabinets, Drawers, Electronics, Computers, Laptops, Furniture, Acrylic Displays, POP-Point of Purchase, Glass Products, Plastics, Windows, DIY, Audio, Video, Doors, Retail Packs, Automotive, Sliding Doors, Appliances, Medical Devices, Wall Protection, Corner Protection, Office Equipment, Desktop Items, Cutting Boards…and many other uses.



Full Case Quantity – Rubber Special Soft Bumper
Part# Size (Diameter) Size (Height) Style Color Case
10935 .375″ .125″ Cylindrical Clear 6,000
10936 .500″ .140″ Cylindrical Clear 5,000
10937 .312″ .085″ Hemispherical Clear 5,400
10938 .335″ .085″ Hemispherical Clear 5,400
10939 .375″ .150″ Hemispherical Clear 7,200
10940 .375″ .211″ Hemispherical Clear 6,000
10941 .440″ .200″ Hemispherical Clear 5,060
10942 .375″ .180″ Hemispherical-Bump Clear 7,200
10943 .500″ .140″ Recessed Clear 5,000
10944 .500″ .200″ Recessed-Bump Clear 5,000
10945 .500″ .150″ Square-Bump Clear 5,000