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Butterfly Table Leaf Hardware Set

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Butterfly Table Leaf Hardware Installed

Butterfly Table Leaf Hardware InstalledButterfly Leaf With SOSS 204 Invisible HingesLeaf Mount Block Part #12179Mounting Bracket Part #12180

12272 4" Aluminum Sleeve for Butterfly Hardware





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Stock Status




  • 21″ Bar
  • 42″ Bar


Purchasing Options

  • All items sold per piece


Additional Information

  • Steel bar is available in two different sizes: 21″ & 42″
  • Leaf mount blocks attach to the bar and are then mounted to the leaf
  • Aluminum sleeves slide over the bar
  • Mounting brackets attach onto the ends of the bar




Q. Do you supply installation or mounting instructions with my hardware set?

A. No. Due to the custom nature of the table industry and the fact that each customer has custom applications it is very difficult for Rapid Start to know the customer’s exact mounting format or needs.


Q. What sizes do you stock?

A. We stock two different bar sizes: 21″ & 42″


Q. I Have an 18” leaf and I want to order but I don’t know what length bar I need?

A. Several of our customers leave anywhere between 1”-3” on each side of the leaf. For example, if you have an 18” leaf you can order a bar between 20”-24”. Once again due to the custom nature of this hardware we cannot give an exact size of the bar length for your application.


Q. Do I need invisible hinges for this hardware?

A. Yes. Please see image above for an example of installed hinges in a table leaf.


Q. Do you sell the hinges that go in the leaf?

A. Yes. Click on related links below.


Q. Do you sell table slides?

A. No.


Q. You sell table leaf hardware…do you sell other items for table manufacturing?

A. Yes. Rapid Start carries a large inventory of all table related hardware including: Assembly Screws, Levelers, T-Nuts, Washers, Brackets, Hanger Bolts, Nuts, Leaf Latches & Locks, Adhesives, Putty, Touch Up Products etc.


Q. I would like to receive a quote on some other items involved in table manufacturing but I don’t know where to begin?

A. Please contact our Sales Department and one of our salesman will be more than happy to assist you. You can email the sales department here: sales@rapidstartusa.com


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Butterfly Table Leaf Hardware Pricing
Part # Description U/M Price
12177 21″ Steel Rod Each
12178 42″ Steel Rod Each
12179 Leaf Mounting Block Each
12180 Mounting Bracket Each
12272 4″ Aluminum Sleeve Each


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