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Instant Glue Debonder

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  • 2 oz Bottle
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Additional Information

  • Instant Glue debonder solvent is the very best product to debond and dissolve glue from Instant Glues, and it will also remove super glue made by other companies. Just a little bit is usually enough to unstick your hands and remove the CA glue, and as Super Solvent does not go bad with age, it makes sense to always have a bottle within the reach of your non-glued hand!Of the other super glue removers available, nearly all are essentially acetone. While acetone is effective at dissolving instant glue, it works slowly and can be damaging to many different materials. Our Super Solvent is NOT acetone– Super Solvent is a nitroalkane formula that dissolves instant glue faster and is also much less likely to damage the surface to which it is applied. Super Solvent is safe to use with most paints and finishes, but some fabrics, colorings, and materials may be affected. We recommend always testing on an inconspicuous area first. You can also use Super Solvent to remove other adhesives and adhesive residue- for example, sticky price tags that leave a mess when you try to peel them off- and to clean surfaces, especially metal.There are several ways to apply Super Solvent. If you have glued your fingers together, apply a few drops at a time to the glued skin and rub the Super Solvent into the CA glue. Alternatively, wet a soft cloth with the Super Solvent and apply the cloth to the glue. The nitromethane will evaporate fairly quickly (although more slowly than acetone), so repeat this process until you have unstuck your fingers or whatever appendages you have unintentionally bonded. After you are unstuck, you can continue to apply Super Solvent to the CA glue to turn it into a slimy substance that can be washed off with soap and warm water. Avoid getting the Super Solvent on damaged skin, on lips, or in your mouth or eyes.To debond materials you have glued together or remove instant glue from a surface, apply the Super Solvent directly to the cured glue and rub it in with a soft cloth. Periodically attempt to pull the surfaces apart gently, and continue the process until they separate. The Super Solvent works quickly, but it only affects the instant glue it directly contacts. If you are removing a thin layer or dissolving an exposed bondline, the process will be relatively quick. However, if you are trying to dissolve a very thick layer of instant glue or debonding parts where the bond is difficult for the Super Solvent to reach, the process can take much longer.

    If you are in one of these tough situations, you have a couple of options. If you are debonding or removing instant glue from the surface of small parts, you can fill up a container with our Super Solvent and leave the part to soak in it. If the parts are large, you can soak them in acetone instead. It will take longer, but it is more economical for big jobs. If you are trying to remove a thick layer of instant glue from a non-porous surface, you can apply a larger amount of the Super Solvent to the glue and seal it with plastic wrap. This will allow the Super Solvent to work longer on the cured glue before it evaporates. This is very effective on metal surfaces, and you can use a scraping tool in between applications to remove the weakened glue so the Super Solvent can work on the next layer.


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