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Precision Applicator

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Precision Applicator for Instant Glues







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  • Standard


Purchasing Options

  • 1 Pack *12 applicators per pack
  • Full Case *See Below For Case Quantity


Additional Information

  • Pro Tips precision applicators slip inside the spout for precise application of our Hot Stuff Original thin glue and Super T medium gap-filling glue. To install, remove the spout from the bottle and cut down the tip so that the opening is large enough to slip the Pro Tip through from the inside. Feed the Pro Tip through from the inside so that the cone-shaped part fits snugly into the base of the spout and seals it off.  A Pro Tip has the same diameter from its base to the tip, so if it clogs and you have to cut it down, it will still apply the glue just as precisely.




Full Case Quantity – Precision Applicator
Size Full Case Quantity
Standard 100 Packs